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“Deb’s strategic guidance and unmatched expertise were instrumental in securing four Top 5 rankings, ultimately clinching the prestigious #1 spot in both 2023 and 2024.”
—Brooke Jones-Chinetti, VP Learning, Development & Engagement, Haskell (#1 APEX winner 2023, 2024)


Finding the right APEX consultant can make all the differenceWith powerful, expert-designed APEX consulting packages you can:

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Improving your rank is much easier when you know how.

On average, clients rank 36 spots higher the first time they work with Deb.

Since 2008, she’s supported 68 applications for 30 clients across 19 industries. Capping off her APEX win record: 37 total top 20 wins and 9 #1 rankings.

  • Speed up your award success with proven guidance and resources AVAILABLE NOWHERE ELSE!
  • Access insider strategies to help ensure you stand out.
  • Save time and frustration with written guides that strip away the mystery.
  • Amplify your app–and boost your score–with the RIGHT data and metrics.

“Deb makes a huge difference. I am confident she can help any organization improve dramatically regardless of the competition or initiative. Your investment in her assistance will pay dividends.”
—Ken Barber (ret), Jiffy Lube (#1 APEX winner 2014, 2016; #2 in 2015)



  • The sought-after, proven authority on recognition for talent leaders
  • Unmatched APEX wins: As an APEX consultant every year since 2008, Deb has supported 9 #1 wins, 25 top 10 and 37 top 20 rankings, 13 Best Practice Awards and 9 Outstanding New Training Initiative Awards, with clients moving up as many as 93 spots in one year.
  • In-house impact at scale: Deb helped nearly triple Accenture’s total Brandon Hall HCM Excellence wins in just three years as a full-time employee (66 in 2020 to 182 in 2023).
  • A-list global clientele have included Accenture, Best Buy, BNSF, Dollar General, Haskell, Hilton, Jiffy Lube, Keller Williams, SAP, Visa, Walgreens and more.
  • Helps talent leaders achieve greater influence with the “recognition trifecta:” WIN awards. SPEAK at conferences. PUBLISH thought leadership.
  • 25+ years marcom experience and a Columbia MBA.

“Through her resources and coaching, we gained a deeper understanding of the award, selection criteria and how to better convey our impact, all significantly improving our submission. Deb’s collaboration and continued dedication to our success helped DG in achieving first place two years in a row.”
—Lori Bremer, VP Talent Management, Dollar General (#1 APEX winner 2019, 2020)



Singular expertise, multiple options
Choose the APEX consulting package for your needs & budget:

All packages feature proven, score-raising resources, fully updated for the 2025 application.





DIY APEX Fundamentals Package | Value Priced for Independent Applicants

Save time, sanity, guesswork and money with our most affordable package. Receive from-the-trenches, practical advice to help you and your team work smarter.


1. Smart Applicant’s Survival Guide. Available-no-where-else advice, plus critical insights for ANY award, based on Deb’s deep experience on this award. Highlights:

  • How Applications are Judged and Scored. Get focused on the scoring criteria essential to your success.
  • 9 Biggest APEX Myths. Avoid frustration and errors by dispelling these misconceptions.
  • 5 Key Steps to Never Overlook. Year after year, take these steps.

See an excerpt here.

2. Smart Applicant’s Sanity-Saving Workbook(Client Fave) – Your APEX BFF includes the 2025 application in a user-friendly, fully functional, unlocked Word doc with:SmartApplicantWorkbook3

  • Internal links throughout to help you effortlessly jump between sections
  • 2025 changes to keep you current on scoring and terminology
  • Question-by-question guidance is like having Deb right there with you every step of the way
  • Scoring guidelines alongside each question keep you focused, plus insights on numerical Level 3 and 4 results
  • Deb’s simple yet powerful storytelling formula that you can apply on any award or communication
  • Sample responses throughout, including winning Best Practice and Outstanding New Training Initiative Awards, can help spark your thinking

See an excerpt here.

3. Bronze Package Gear Manual. A guide to your resources and how to get the most out of them

Plus this personalized support from Deb:

4. Q&A. Ask Deb any three questions via e-mail, separately or together, at any time, to directly access her extensive expertise and address your most important queries and concerns.

Plus a Money-back Guarantee if not completely satisfied. No risk involved.

GO BRONZE: Get these advice-packed, value-packed resources—available nowhere else—AND Deb’s personal guidance via any three emailed questions for just $2,495. Save $500 with early bird pricing: $1,995 until June 30. Questions? Ready to say yes? Contact Deb today. Or, keep reading for more options below.


“Our company purchased Deb’s Guide and Workbook, a worthwhile investment I highly recommend. Deb’s interpretations, examples and advice gave us confidence and strategic focus, made applying easier and saved us time. Applying for awards can feel like banging your head against the wall. With these tools, we felt we knew how to win – and we did.”

—Melissa Bargman, L&D, DPR Construction (ranking improved from #85 to #17 in one year)




The Rank Booster Package | More Tools Plus Tailored Guidance

Reduce worry, gain actionable feedback customized to your team and get tools that deliver more bang for your buck. 


1. Smart Applicant’s Survival Guide. Same great info/insights as Bronze package

  • SMNQ Deep Dive – advice to help you nail “Specific, Measurable, Numerical, Quantifiable” (SMNQ) goals/results every time
  • SMNQ Worksheet – an important aid to make the most of your metrics
  • Be the Heroes – one small grammatical guideline that can punch up your narrative big time
  • 11 Commandments of the Training APEX Award – ever-popular words to live and succeed by

2. Smart Applicant’s Sanity-Saving Workbook: DELUXE Edition. Turbo-charged version with four bonus sections:

See an excerpt here.

3. Silver Package Gear Manual. A guide to help you maximize the value of your Silver resources

Plus this game-changing resource:

4. Score-o-Matic Trouble Finder. This client fave lets you enter two years of scorecard results to instantly see color-coded problem areas and forecast your 2025 score. Top winners use it diligently. 

Plus even more personalized support from Deb:

5. Preparatory coaching session (90 minutes).* Get Deb’s detailed feedback on your 2024 APEX submission and scores (or, for first-time applicants, an APEX intro), and insights and strategies to help prepare and motivate your team for 2025.

* via your choice of Zoom or Teams; recording, transcript, summary provided (Prefer your own video and recording software? No problem.)

6. Q&A. Like the Bronze package, ask Deb any three questions via e-mail.

And a no-questions-asked Money-back Guarantee if not completely satisfied.

GO SILVER: Grab these score-boosting tools and personalized guidance and get the many benefits of Deb’s hard-earned wisdom – a great deal at just $4,995 plus incentive bonus. Save $1,000 with early bird pricing: $3,995 plus incentive bonus until June 30. 

For further info or to purchase this package, contact Deb today. Two more options are described below.


“Our challenge was having lots of great initiatives but difficulty expressing what we accomplish because we’re too close to it. Deb helped us tell our story and emphasize what’s important to judges. The guide and workbook alone were very valuable, with useful advice for any award… This was money well spent.”
—Jennifer Antos, Gables Residential (ranking improved from #118 to #63 in one year, from #63 to #19 the next year)




High-impact Coaching Package (most popular) | Extensive Resources + 1:1 Guidance

The Gold package is limited to just five clients—and sells out fast, usually to returning clients—so contact Deb now to secure yours. MORE application support, a BETTER final submission and DEEPER learning for LASTING impact beyond the award process.


All the great SILVER package resources described above:

1. Guide. Overall info and insights

2. Workbook: DELUXE Edition. With bonus content on key topics

3. Score-o-Matic. Score-tracker beloved by top winners

4. Gold Package Gear Manual. Getting maximum value from your Gold-only resources and 1:1 guidance (see below)

Plus these advanced resources:

5. Tips and Tricks for Team Leads. Supporting a team of any size? Up your game by adopting these best practices from APEX top five winners.

6. Handy Program Tracker. Use this tool to identify and track programs, goals, results and more.

7. Final Review ChecklistYou’ll get this invaluable bonus resource in mid-August, exactly when fresh focus is just what’s needed.

Plus this personalized support from Deb:

8. Preparatory coaching session (75 minutes)*Get Deb’s detailed feedback on your 2024 APEX app and scores plus discuss insights and strategies for 2025.

9. 2 rounds of written feedback on any 5 of your 2025 draft responses, discussed in depth in 2 coaching sessions (75 minutes each)* so you can apply the learnings to the rest of your app (an approach proven by multiple #1 winners)

10. Debrief coaching sessions (75 minutes)* Discuss lessons learned, gaps to close and other potential awards (to increase ROI on all your hard work)

* via Zoom or Teams; recording, transcript and summary provided

The Gold package also comes with a no-questions-asked Money-back Guarantee.

Breathe easier knowing you’ll have expert guidance throughout your app process. Only five of these popular packages are available so act fast. All this support and confidence can be yours for $9,995 plus incentive bonus. Save $2,000 with early bird pricing: $7,995 plus incentive bonus until June 30.

For more details or to secure your spot, contact Deb today.

Fourth and final option below.


“Deb was caring and supportive and a cheerleader. Her resource guides, workbooks, and tips all proved invaluable and worth the coaching fee alone. On top of it all, Deb was great fun to work with and we enjoy sharing our achievement with her.”
—Mona Covey, Learning Manager, Keller Williams Realty (#1 in 2015, 2017; #2 in 2014, 2016).




High Impact Coaching + Complete App Review| Maximum Input Designed for Optimal Results

(just ONE package available contact Deb now to secure it)

This one-of-a-kind package includes all the GOLD package resources and coaching sessions PLUS Deb will add her expert touch to your entire draft with two rounds of reviews and edits. Each complete application review comes with a 60-minute coaching session, for a total of 6 coaching sessions.

Make your impact shine through. Stand out. And maximize your score.


  • All Gold resources (with expanded Platinum Package Gear Manual)
  • All Gold coaching sessions (4 x 75 minutes) and 2 rounds of reviews on any 5 draft responses
  • PLUS 2 rounds of reviews, written feedback and Deb’s edits on your final APEX application draft; each review round comes with a 60-minute coaching session to discuss final feedback

Contact Deb right away to learn more about this singular offering, available to just one company.  




Your Money-Back Guarantees

Deb’s near-perfect track record means you can feel confident you’ll receive enormous value, impact and results. But if you’re not happy, get a full refund, no questions asked:

SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM PACKAGES: If after your initial coaching session you’re not completely satisfied, you’ll receive a full, no-questions-asked refund, with all resources yours to keep. You may request your refund within 48 hours of the session.

BRONZE PACKAGE: If you are not completely satisfied with the Bronze package, you’ll receive a full, no-questions-asked refund (keep all the resources). You may request your refund for up to a year after your purchase.

There’s no way to guarantee that these offerings will lead to an improved APEX ranking. Many factors will impact your results, including the subjectivity of the award judges. BUT, these time-tested resources overflow with actionable advice and proven guidance that should support not only your APEX application, but other award pursuits, too.



Want more convincing?

Here’s what clients have said on satisfaction surveys that they found most valuable about working with Deb:

  • “The guidance. Really helped us tell our story in a more compelling way. Thank you for the great work on our application!”
  • “Helped to streamline our thoughts and hold us accountable to a timeline.”
  • “Gave me different perspective on what judges are looking for. We do the work but were not capturing it the way we should.”
  • “Deb really reinforced the value for us of connecting training programs with real and measurable business results. This mindset not only strengthens our application, but our conversations with stakeholders as well.”
  • “Deb was able to help my team clearly articulate our strengths in a concise format. Deb’s feedback calls were extremely helpful because we were able to review very specific questions and answers.”
  • “Honest feedback on our writing.”

Read more testimonials from Deb’s very happy clients.




If you’re serious about improving your Training APEX Award ranking, Deb is your expert: 9 #1 wins, 37 top 20 wins, and first-time clients move up 36 spots on average – as many as 93 spots in one year.

Don’t hesitate – reach now for bigger success for yourself and your hard-working team and get help you won’t find anywhere else.

And remember: You can buy with confidence – all packages come with a money-back guarantee.


For questions or to reserve your package, contact Deb.



Wishing you glory!


Deb Arnold, Ink. is not affiliated with Training magazine or the Training APEX Awards.

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Learning Program and Team Awards 2009-2014


ASTD Excellence in Practice

Technical Training Award
Training Management Citation (for new programs)
Learning Technology Citation
Workplace Learning & Collaboration–Leadership Development (x2) Award, Citation
Workplace Learning & Collaboration–Onboarding Citation
Sales Enablement Citation

Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning

Best Custom Content Gold
Best in Learning Strategy and Governance Gold
Best Leadership Development Program Gold
Best Innovation in Learning Technology Silver
Best Leadership Sales Training Silver
Best Integration of Learning and Talent Management Bronze
Best Use of Games for Learning Bronze

Brandon Hall Technology Excellence

Best Advance in Social Learning Technology Gold

CLO Magazine Learning in Practice

Technology Innovation Gold, Division 1
Innovation Gold, Division 1
Business Impact Gold, Division 2
Business Impact Bronze, Division 2


Learning Organization Ranking Awards


American Society for Training & Development

ASTD BEST #1 (up from #32 in one year)
#2 (up from #37 in two years)

ELearning! Media Group

Learning! 100 #1 (first year on list)

Chief Learning Officer Magazine

LearningElite #1, #4

Training Magazine

 Training Top 125 #1, #2 (up from #41 in one year)