Need a communications initiative done right (the first time)? With a minimum of time and effort from you and/or your team?

Deb’s creative, can-do approach, writing and project management skills and rich experience will get you the results you want, on time.

THE KNOCKOUT PRESENTATION – If you need to wow, persuade, or inform an important audience, you want Deb on your deck. She’ll help you define your goals and tell your story, partnering superbly with graphic design talent (yours or hers) to make you truly shine. P.S. Her speaker notes rock.

Timeframe:  2-6 weeks
Benefits: Win over stakeholders, be a thought leader, get your way.

THE STAKE HOLDER – Need senior management to be impressed with your work/team/initiative? Deb can help you analyze what you should be telling them, how and how often, then design just the right communication vehicle to carry your message home.

Timeframe:  6-10 weeks
Benefits: Get the support you need, financial and otherwise.

THE STREAMLINER – Make communications simpler and easier to distribute, and watch your efficiency climb. Deb’s solutions include working smarter by using templates, and eliminating delays by untangling processes involving multiple stakeholders.

Timeframe:  4-6 weeks, depending on untangling required
Benefits: Eliminated waste, improved productivity, fewer people frustrated, confused or just plain irritated about doing work for or with you and/or your team.

THE REPORTER – Do you really want to send out a boring, unfocused document that looks like 12 different people put it together (because 12 different people did)? Let Deb put strategy and power behind your report to effectively convey your messages to key stakeholders with clarity, consistency and punch.*

Timeframe:  8-12 weeks
Benefits: Enhanced reputation, greater influence, new or increased budget, the puffed up chest you deserve.

THE AWARD WINNER – You know that industry awards can boost reputations, sales, team morale, recruitment of top talent, even vendor negotiations. You also know that your team has neither time nor expertise to craft winning submissions. Put Deb’s impressive win record to work for your deserving programs.

Timeframe:  4-8 weeks
Benefits: Industry and internal recognition, with minimal team effort; winning descriptions of your best stuff ready to be repurposed.

Learn more about Deb’s award expertise and services.

THE SPECIAL DELIVERY – You have determined that you need a new delivery vehicle to accomplish X, Y and Z. What’s it going to look like? Content? Structure? Length? Deliver to the audience (push) or have them retrieve it online (pull)? Let Deb take the burden off you and your team and design just the right ride.

Timeframe:  6-10 weeks
Benefits: Optimized resource use, audience appeal and outcomes.

  • See EXAMPLES of Deb’s work in action

  • Especially Spot-on Planning

    Sales communications Equip sales teams to do what they do best (hint: it's not hunting down product information) by putting the right processes and vehicles in place. SEE CASE STUDY Retail communications Make sure the face of your brand is informed and inspired with store communications and meetings, chain-of-command cascade check-ups and more. SEE CASE STUDY Global communications Connect teams in different time zones and cultures more creatively, especially using social media. SEE CASE STUDY
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Learning Program and Team Awards 2009-2014


ASTD Excellence in Practice

Technical Training Award
Training Management Citation (for new programs)
Learning Technology Citation
Workplace Learning & Collaboration–Leadership Development (x2) Award, Citation
Workplace Learning & Collaboration–Onboarding Citation
Sales Enablement Citation

Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning

Best Custom Content Gold
Best in Learning Strategy and Governance Gold
Best Leadership Development Program Gold
Best Innovation in Learning Technology Silver
Best Leadership Sales Training Silver
Best Integration of Learning and Talent Management Bronze
Best Use of Games for Learning Bronze

Brandon Hall Technology Excellence

Best Advance in Social Learning Technology Gold

CLO Magazine Learning in Practice

Technology Innovation Gold, Division 1
Innovation Gold, Division 1
Business Impact Gold, Division 2
Business Impact Bronze, Division 2


Learning Organization Ranking Awards


American Society for Training & Development

ASTD BEST #1 (up from #32 in one year)
#2 (up from #37 in two years)

ELearning! Media Group

Learning! 100 #1 (first year on list)

Chief Learning Officer Magazine

LearningElite #1, #4

Training Magazine

 Training Top 125 #1, #2 (up from #41 in one year)