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Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It: A Video

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

It’s the holidays, after all.

So, I guess I’ve just been inspired by Will Smith and family lately. In wishing to tell you about my awesome holiday video, “Getting Jiggy Wit It,” Will’s 1997 hit, (forgive the likely-illegal link; finding 14-year-old videos is a challenge) was suddenly on my lips.



Without further ado, for those who have not yet joined my mailing list or have not yet–inexplicably–found time to watch it:

Please note that the entire video was shot on an iPhone 4, and edited on a Mac – all produced by Steven Neuman Design.

I think you’ll agree that Steven is a *genius*.

Enjoy, and happy holidays!

Call It What You Will – It’s Here

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Andrew McAfee was the first to name it back in March 2006: the then-new phenomenon of companies leveraging Web 2.0 platforms and technologies inside the business – as a means to connect employees, make processes more efficient and/or connect with partners and customers.

He coined it “Enterprise 2.0.”

At the recent Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara, there was, despite the event’s name, hot debate about whether the phenomenon should be called “social business.” Those in favor contrasted sharply with speakers cautioning us in the audience about using the word “social” at all, as it tends to spook the C-level.

[Is it more ironic, or more troubling, that executives should be so ignorant?]

Today, McKinsey Quarterly published a study on what they call the “networked enterprise,”  a “new class of company…that uses collaborative Web 2.0 technologies intensively to connect the internal efforts of employees and to extend the organization’s reach to customers, partners, and suppliers.”

The  article, “The rise of the networked enterprise: Web 2.0 finds its payday” indicates that “fully networked enterprises,” those successful at leveraging Web 2.0 both internally and externally, note improvements in market share gains, operating margins and market leadership.

They also provide a pretty cool interactive tool that charts the data from four years of Web 2.0 survey results. The survey explores business use of 12 technologies and tools:

Blogs, mash-ups (a Web application combines multiple sources of data into a single tool), microblogging, peer to peer, podcasts, prediction markets, rating, RSS (Really Simple Syndication), social networking, tagging, video sharing, and wikis.

Now, I’m not sure I would go so far as to say that if McKinsey says it, it must be true; however, I think it’s fair to say that it’s worth paying close attention.

Which I intend to keep doing.

Music Video as Art

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Now, I don’t typically write about pop culture but I was recently introduced to the band OK Go and their truly amazing videos (thanks to Steven Neuman, who helped me create a pretty sweet video of my own…to come).

What makes them amazing?

Simplicity, artistry and humor.

Fairly bare-bones sets (with some exceptions; see below) and the judicious use of choreography and movement.

Very, very different from another video I’ve been watching non-stop, as my friends can attest: Whip My Hair by Willow Smith, daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. She’s my new female role model. She just turned 10.

Whip My Hair, i.e. be my true self.

Her video is very produced, very complex, very high-tech (it helps to have friends in high places). Basically a three-minute wave of color, movement and sound.

And DANG that girl’s got attitude. The right kind. The very best kind.

So for contrast, check out these OK Go videos. I hereby solemnly swear that they will be worth your time.

Here It Goes Again – homemade, starring the four guys in the band and six treadmills. Clever.

White Knuckles – starring the four guys in the band and a slew of trained dogs. Hilarious.

This Too Shall Pass – amazingly complex Rube Goldberg machine that apparently required 48 takes before each intricate step worked. Genius.

What I appreciate about art is that it makes me reconsider, in some way, how to view the world and its possibilities. These videos accomplish that.

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